Personal Insurance

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For almost a century, Rosenfeld Einstein has brought a risk management approach to individual clients with complex personal insurance needs. You have worked hard to build the lifestyle you enjoy; and we recognize the exposures that come with your success.


Our approach is to review your coverage with you, identify your exposures and offer solutions for protecting your assets.

Whether your home or condominium is a primary or secondary residence, we understand that itís a financial and emotional investment. Our team of experts can create an insurance program that meets your needs and protects one of your most important assets.
Rosenfeld Einstein can simplify the details and variables associated with automobile insurance that sometimes seem more complicated than they should.
When you have valuables such as jewelry, silver, guns and furs, you need separate valuables policies for the items you treasure. Rosenfeld Einstein will work closely with you ensuring you avoid some of the common pitfalls in this area.
Excess Liability
Protecting yourself against risk and liability requires an advisor you can trust. At Rosenfeld Einstein, we give you advice about your exposures so that you and your family can enjoy the life youíve built.
High Net Worth Insurance
We understand that the more you achieve and acquire, the more distinct and complex your risk scenario will be.