Employee Benefits

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As a result of rising health care costs and the dynamic regulatory landscape, employers are seeking innovative and effective employee benefit solutions.  At Rosenfeld Einstein, we have invested in the expertise and resources to help companies manage health and regulatory risk, improve performance and retain talent.  Through our employee benefits consulting practice, made up of medical, underwriting, carrier, and health promotion professionals, we work with employers to design and implement long term strategic plans that deliver meaningful results.

Health and Welfare Consulting
Rosenfeld Einsteinís solution to rising health care costs is our Health & Welfare Consulting practice. Itís the cornerstone of our benefits practice because we see it as the most effective way to deliver savings to our clients.
Health Care Reform
Here you will find alerts, resources, and tools designed to keep you updated on the latest HCR news. We are committed to assisting our clients with being well informed so that they may better prepare for any possible effects on their business.
Compliance and Legal Consulting
ADA, ERISA, HIPAA, COBRA, FMLA, USERRA, MHPA, NMHPA, QMSCO are just a few of the laws employers must contend with. At Rosenfeld Einstein, we understand that legal compliance requires the careful and skillful approach of experienced consultants.
It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort for HR departments to inform employees of all their options before they enroll in benefit plans. Rosenfeld Einsteinís experts deliver a seamless solution to overcome one of the biggest headaches you face in
To remain competitive in todayís business environment, companies are looking for more efficient ways to manage benefits administration and their employee benefits investments.
Rosenfeld Einstein provides expertise in helping clients with understanding the public and private exchanges. We have a proven track record of aligning employers' objectives with the best marketplace solutions.
Population Health Management
When you invest in an employee benefits program you should be able to expect a return on that investment. What sets Rosenfeld Einstein apart is the value added services and unique expertise weíve assembled to save our clientsí money and make them even mo
Shared Services
At Rosenfeld Einstein, we understand a generic solution does not always address the needs of our clients. We welcome the opportunity to explore a Shared Services Solution that can help your organization reach its goals.
Executive Benefits
Reflecting your objectives and culture is important when it comes to executive benefits. Our team will review your current plan and work to understand your long term corporate objectives and philosophies.